Tis the Season!!

Well…New Year’s Resolution #2 (#1, obviously is getting healthy), be consistent. It’s been 8 days since my last post, it’s a hectic time of year and I have been busy! Let’s see, what has happened.

Friday, December 16,2016
I left work early and headed North to pick up my mom. We wanted to finish up our Christmas shopping and have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. We also wanted to walk around Easton Town Center and look at their lights, but it was too cold for that. Columbus had gotten a decent amount of the snow during the week (my part of the state had none) and my brother’s tree looked so good.

Photo by: Garet Martin

We had a great trip, but stayed out a little too long. We ran into freezing rain on the way back, it was starting to get slick by the time I dropped my mom off and I still had an hour to go before I got home. My parent’s live at the top of a hill and I didn’t get far. A car was stopped at the top, one was stuck in a pull-off, two cars were stuck at the bottom. I had to curb check to avoid hitting the car at the top…it was a mess! I was able to put my car in 4WD and back up the hill and get turned back on to my parent’s road…I wasn’t getting home. The next morning, it was 60 degrees outside! Gotta love Ohio.

Mom and I had already planned to bake cookies on Saturday, so it worked out that I was forced to spend the night, it saved me gas money, at least. We made all kinds of goodies: sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, oreo truffle balls, lintz cookies, buckeyes, & crock pot candy. Unfortunately, all my pictures we on Snapchat and I forgot to save them so none here. I will admit, that I indulged a little on sweets. I was worried about Sunday’s weigh-in.

Sunday, December 18, 2016
Weigh-in day. I didn’t lose a lot, but I lost and I’m still on track as far as my weight loss goals are concerned. I was happy about that, but I still feel myself slipping…I need to stay focused!!!

I was able to watch the Titans beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a 10-point comeback victory and it was awesome!!! The playoffs are so close, I can taste it!

I was also able to officially finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping!! What a relief!

Star Wars wrapping paper, ftw!

Monday, December 20,2016
After work, I went to my parent’s house to build Gingerbread houses with my little cousins, but first, we decided to take all of the leftover Christmas cookies (we made WAY too many) to the local homeless shelter. We thought it would be a great thing to have the kids involved with and it felt good. They decided they wanted to donate some of their toys too, so that was pretty awesome. The gingerbread houses were another story…they had trouble with them and as a result had meltdowns so they didn’t there’s completed…but I did.gbhouse

I love Christmas and all the events that lead up to it, it’s just really hard not to overeat. We’re having Christmas at my house this year and I’m hoping I won’t cross the line too far, at least. One day at a time, though, that’s all I can do.



Christmastime’s A-coming

After spending Saturday at my parent’s watching the Buckeye squeeze out a win against TTUN, my mom decided to come home with me and we spent the rest of the weekend decking the halls of my house. Christmas music and eggnog. It was a great time spent with my Mama.